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Tablet PCs are fully-functional laptop PCs and more. You can use the pen directly on the screen just as you would a mouse to do things like select, drag, and open files; or in place of a keyboard to handwrite notes and communication. Unlike a touch screen, the Tablet PC screen only receives information from a special pen. It will not take information from your finger or your shirt sleeve—so you can rest your wrist on the screen and write naturally.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 includes all of the features and functionality of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Service Pack 2. Tablet PCs do not run Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded.

System Requirements


For Beta plugin (follow this process in the SAME ORDER below) :

-If you don't follow the Beta Plugin Steps the Sticky Notes will only work.

** Known Bugs:
1- Tablet PC components don't load in startup automatically
|-- %SystemRoot%\System32\wisptis.exe
|-- %SystemDrive%\Programs\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\INK\KeyboardSurrogate.exe

2- fixed (Jan.31,2008 -8:55 PM-): Missing Support in .HTA script environment ( i think this is out of this plugin) may be need to make .HTA Plugin
3- Must click on Get Going with Tablet PC from start Menu to let the components of Windows Journal and Ink ball start. ( i try to check which this .HTA make in registry and write it to my .inf but it don't work )
4- Missing of Character and writing pad in Tablet Input Panel.


If you don't have Tablet PC you can use Tablet PC components as this plugin provided with Tablet PC installer guide.




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