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Thursday 29th 2022f December 2022 04:18:04 PM

Boyd Kuykendall

Being a digital marketer today is definitely not easy! Not only do you need high-quality content, you need a lot of it.
But creating good content is incredibly time consuming. At least that is what I thought until I came across WordAi…

In case you have never heard of WordAi, it is a lightning fast content rewriter that uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically create unique variations of any piece of content. The best part is, WordAi creates rewrites that both humans and Google love.
I know, that’s a bold claim and I was pretty skeptical myself. So I decided to test their claims with their free trial and can tell you honestly, I opted directly for the yearly subscription after that.
I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that WordAi is better than any other tool, service, or method on the market.

I have been using WordAi to fill out my blogs and have already covered the cost of my yearly subscription. It’s crazy but I’m just scratching the surface of how far I can scale my SEO with WordAi!
While I am using WordAi to scale my SEO efforts, you can also use WordAi to diversify your copy or even brainstorm to beat writer's block!
I could tell you about WordAi all day, but you really just need to try it for yourself. They are so confident in their technology that they offer a completely free 3-day trial AND a 30-day money back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started with WordAi for Free!

And make sure to thank me later when this tool has changed the way you create content :)

Boyd Kuykendall

Thursday 29th 2022f December 2022 10:18:00 PM

sherika munt

Email :

title : Best AdSense Alternative for Publishers in 2023

Message : My name is sherika from ForeMedia and I help website owners with great websites to maximize the revenue they make from their website.

I would love to buy Ad Spaces on your website and pay you per each impression of the ads on your site. We are Google Ad Exchange Premium partners and we work with more than 100 Ad Network & thousands of premium direct advertisers who would LOVE to buy Ads directly from your site and we can gurantee to increase your revenue by at least 45% compared to other advertising solutions you are currently using.

You deserve to earn more for your content and maximize your earning potential and I will help you unlock that potential!

There is no cost, you can register to our monetization platform for free on this link:

I will be available for you on the Chat if you need any help if you have any questions.

I have at least 17 Premium Advertisers that have asked me to approach you because they would like to advertise on your website on Premium eCPM [cost per impressions] basis.

Have a good day & feel free to ping me for any question!

Click the link here for 1 minute registration to our platform [it's free!]:

Friday 30th 2022f December 2022 08:52:38 AM

Bernardo Palos

I noticed that you had an online business and are probably paying to much to market your online business and run it online, So I decided to submit a message in your contact form on your website to tell you about a new system that has it all..

You no longer have to combind many websites or apps together to run your business this new system called Systeme has it all ->

Systeme has an unimted plan which includes unlimited features like:

- Unlimited contacts
- Unlimited emails sent
- Unlimited sales funnels
- Unlimited courses
- Unlimited students
- Unlimited custom domains
- Unlimited A/B tests
- Unlimited file storage space
- Unlimited evergreen webinars
- Unlimited blogs
- Unlimited workflows
- Unlimited Coupon code
- Unlimited automation rules

I really believe in this new platform and for $97 a month it's Magic and a great deal becuase other email marketing compines without all these features want to charge $3,000 to send emails alone or more.

Click the link to try ststeme ->

I dont want to spam. I just wanted to help out if you do not want me to contact your contact fourm send me a email with your domain and I will not contact you again to ""

Bernardo Palos

Saturday 31st 2022f December 2022 03:02:42 PM

Dixie Hungerford

Hi there
Do you want to get backlinks from domains that have tons of ranking keywords?

Monday 02nd 2023f January 2023 10:57:09 AM

Charles Tanner


My name is Charles and I am reaching out to introduce you to, a powerful AI-driven tool for creating visually stunning and high-performing ad creatives.

At, we understand the challenges that business owners face when it comes to creating effective ad campaigns.

That's why we've developed a platform that makes it easy to create professional-grade ad creatives in just a few clicks.

Our AI technology analyzes your brand and target audience to generate custom ad designs that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Whether you're looking to drive more traffic to your website, increase conversions, or boost brand awareness, has you covered.

But that's not all - also offers a number of other benefits that can help you save time and grow your business:

Time-saving: With, you can create high-quality ad creatives in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. This frees up your time to focus on other important tasks, like analyzing your ad performance and optimizing your campaigns.

Cost-effective: Traditional ad agencies can be expensive, especially for small businesses. With, you can get professional-grade ad creatives at a fraction of the cost.

Customization: Our AI technology allows you to customize your ad creatives to match your brand's unique style and tone. You can also choose from a variety of templates and design options to create the perfect look for your business.

To get started, simply follow this link:

You can try out for yourself and see how it can help you take your ad campaigns to the next level.

Best regards,


If you do not wish to get any more emails from us, please send us an email at info@ai-hustle and add your website URL in the email

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