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Here is some tools that you may need them to be in your system for my plugin.



NFO Viewer

DAMN NFO Viewer - the BEST utility for viewing text files containing ASCII Art (NFO/DIZ/TXT)

DAMN NFO Viewer is an utility designed for viewing text files containing ASCII Art (e.g. nfo files), and it proved itself to be handy.

So, if you're fed up with starting some DOS-like file manager each time you need to view nfo file, or ain't too happy with the viewer you use, or (worst case) use Notepad - give this little tool a try.

Download it from Here

Chaos MD5 vers. 2.5.002

Chaos MD5 is a free MD5 generator for Windows. Input any file into this free program and it will generate a MD5 checksum for that file. That simply means it generates an unique signature for each and every file.

Chaos MD5 does not require installation, simply copy it to the hard drive or USB device to run. The MD5 checksum that is generated can be used for file identification or integrity checks.


MD5: [ FF330135C47702E8AABE245F2397F3CE ]

Download Chaos MD5 Generator[192 Kb]

Xtreme IE Button

NFO Viewer

Xtreme Internet Explorer Button is a program that will keep you in touch with this website by adding an icon to your IE Toolbar.
● After insall this program if you still can't find the program icon in your Toolbar just R-Click -> Customize then select the Xtreme icon and add it to your toolbar.

Download it from Here

MD5: [ACF8856783926DFDA3E7F5EFA7B85BE0 ]


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